Rimmed vents, or top mounted vents sit on top surface of the flooring [do not come with a frame] and can be fitted without the need for 'installing'.

These can be hand scraped and wire brushed the same as flush fit vents, and can also be custom made to fit any hole size

A variation on the rimmed vent allows it to be inserted into the bottom of cabinetry as a 'toe-kick' and can be made in a variety of custom designs so that so that it fits and complements the overall design.

Egg-crate style where no other design is suitable, or an alternative is not an option. Either with or without a frame for easy cleaning.  

Flush fit floor vents can be hand scraped, wire brushed or otherwise distressed to match flooring.

Custom made to match flooring thickness from solid 3/4" down to 3/8" & custom made to fit any hole size.

We manufacture our vents to several popular sizes. Floor vents are either ‘Flush’ with the floor & manufactured to the same thickness as the flooring, or ‘Rimmed’ also known as top mount, which sit on top of the installed flooring.  Whatever the style, these of course can be custom made to fit any hole size.