'Heavy bullnose’ treads have a leading edge that is deeper than a regular tread – up to 3,1/4”.
Looking up the staircase, these treads are usually “square”, and give the impression of thick solid timber which focuses and enhances the look of the staircase.
Wrapped treads wrap the existing raw tread or constrcution traed on an open staircase, and can be finished on multiple edges, including all six sides to give the impression of a ‘floating’ staircase.

​​​​Standard treads are manufactured 'all square' with a rounded bullnose on the leading edge. Usually 1" thick and 12" deep, they are made to varying standard lengths, or a required custom lengths.

The rounded bullnose can be substituted for a modern, square bullnose. The radius can be adjusted to change the look from modern contemporary look to ultra modern chic.  

A custom bullnose can be added for a truly unique look to your home.

Adding a simple return or a rounded volute can add a finishing touch to the bottom stairs. [Or an open staircase]
Treads can be manufactured oversize, curved to follow an arc, as well as curved stair winders.
Inlays and non-slip strips or rebated channels provide enhancements and functionality to treads.