Our services

Wood Concepts Ltd provides a range of contemporary high quality products in a variety of domestic and imported species, with finishes to suit all tastes.
We aim to closely match leading manufacturers including Appalachian, Dansk, Lauzon, Mirage, as well as many others, regardless of style or species. Our products complement a range of natural flooring, as well as providing a bespoke custom stain matching to enhance the look and feel of any flooring material.

Our range includes solid and engineered flooring, laminate flooring as well as more traditional stone, or tile flooring.
Trusted suppliers provide raw lumber from which we manufacture our mouldings to high standards, & ensuring a match to the profile of any given product.

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Using our own standard profiles as a guide, our mouldings can be used for the majority of job requirements utilizing a standard menu of products, allowing us to give quick pricing estimates. These specifications can be varied to meet a client’s individual needs.