Flush nosings butt up square to the flooring; overlap nosings can be used when a floating floor is used, with the nosing overlapping the installed flooring to hold it down.

Nosings are manufactured to the same thickness as the installed flooring and can have many of the same design highlights as a full tread.

Standard nosings are manufactured with a rounded bullnose on the leading edge.

The rounded bullnose can be substituted for a modern, square bullnose & the radius can be adjusted to change the look from modern contemporary, to an ultra modern look either on their own or to match an installed set of stair treads. 

A custom bullnose can be added for a truly unique look to your home.

Nosings are manufactured in three standard widths, up to 4” wide, but can be custom made to accommodate specific design or installation requirements.
A ‘heavy bullnose’ nosing has a facing edge that is deeper than a regular nosing – up to 3,1/4” and looking up the staircase, gives the impression of a solid thick piece of timber, enhancing its look. This can also be achieved with an engineered flooring that is below ¾” where the look of a deeper overhang is preferred, or is a design requirement.

​On those rare occasions where an exact match is imperative i.e. bamboo flooring,  we can, under certain conditions being met manufacture nosings from the supplied boards


Bowed nosings can add a touch of depth and design element to the flooring. Being straight on the rear makes for an easy install, and butts up square & flush to the flooring. 

A laminated curved nosing can offer an aesthetic look to a step-down area; a sunken living room for example.

A curve is desirable when the alternative of smaller, straight nosing pieces joined together look exactly that - imitating a curved piece.
Curved nosings have the added advantage of the grain following the curve, highlighting the accent of the room or staircase without the multiple joints of smaller straight pieces.